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    Brussels Booking Desk is the official housing company associated with 37th GEEW. Preferential hotel rates are available as from 89 €,         breakfast and city tax excluded. Reservations can be made ONLINE, with instant booking confirmation.

Need assistance? Group booking?

Please contact Mr Cédric DEVOS, Accommodation Consultant, Brussels Booking Desk  -  Tel : +32 2 552 00 08 - email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note: the Brussels Booking Desk is the only official housing company associated with the 37th GEEW. While other hotel resellers may contact you to offer accommodation for your trip, they are not endorsed by, or affiliated with the event and entering into financial agreement with such companies can have costly consequences. 

Brussels Booking Desk is a free service of, Brussels Hotels Association and Brussels' Chamber of Commerce.

List of hotels selected for 37th GEEW, rates and reservations are available HERE.

Hotels selected are all located downtown at walking distance from a metro station allowing you to reach the congress venue within 20-30 minutes.