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    Hands-on at 38th GEEW on Sunday, June 21, 2020. 8 stations on various topics for physicians and 1 station dedicated to nurses!

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    Registrations (on site or streaming attendance) are now open!  Do not miss the early fee registration deadline of April 17, 2020.

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Welcome to GEEW!

The Gastroenterology and Endotherapy European Workshop (GEEW) is intended for practicing gastroenterologists with varying levels of training and experience, for internists and oncologists, for surgeons interested in transoral endosurgery or NOTES, for fellows in training as well as for GI nurses, medical students, biomedical engineers and industry partners. The Course includes live video demonstrations permitting maximal interaction between Faculty and attendees during procedures using an interactive "App" for questions and evaluation, evidence based didactic comments summarizing the most recent publications, questions-answers sessions and "tips and tricks" lectures.

For the 38th edition of the meeting, we will follow-up with the inovative format of 2019. The meeting will start on Sunday afternoon with a possibility of hands-on training for those who might be interested, as well as with "How I do it" sessions. The live demonstrations will take place on Monday and Tuesday. As every year since 1982, our team will be dedicated for providing you the best teaching on integration of Gastroenterology and Endotherapy.

We hope you will join us in 2020 for the 38th GEEW - June 21-23, 2020!

Jacques Devière, Course Director

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